The TLDR 8 point intro to Solu ToneStream

  • Solu ToneStream is served to all listeners at the same time––a unity experience in sound.

  • Listeners from 499 cities around the world have listened thus far.

  • Composed-in-the moment tone sequences are always new and never repeat––always a new now.

  • ToneStream elements are improvisational recordings of real instruments, performed by solu founder Michael Joly while sustaining a no-thought state of mind during the recordings. They carry embedded peace and stillness.

  • ToneStream features Left, Center and Right tone sequence tracks.

  • Left and Right tracks are similar to our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System device, though slower.

  • Center track has more frequent use of deep pitches and “swell tones” compared to Left and Right.

  • Solu ToneStream is an offering, you can choose your own price, including free.