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Solu Daily Sutra | June 19, 2022: “You choose between yourself, and illusion of yourself”.
(A Course in Miracles).

These “sutras” are pulled from my library of favorite “perennial philosophy” books. I post a new one daily to the “Learn” page in the Solu ToneStream app and you can comment here!


I just discovered this today. What a great addition. I’ll be following Michael.

Thanks Joyful of Heart! We’re working on a very subtle pulsing of the 3 orange dots to show that there is new content on the “Learn” page. But it’s a new practice for me to review some of my favorite teachings and post them daily with a short comment. Feels good!

Solu Daily Sutra | June 23, 2022: “Aim to be perfect in the practice of attention and withholding of judgement” (Epictetus).

Now, if I could only BE this without the “aim” (intent), or the goal of “perfection”––simply BE attention, without judgement.