Solu: ToneStream Meditation App | FAQ

Q: How do I tell others where to find Solu ToneStream for themselves?
A: You could tell them to search “Solu ToneStream” in the Apple App store or Google Play, or use the “Invite” feature in the Solu ToneStream app. From the main screen in the app swipe right. On the next screen, up at the top, tap “Invite” and choose email, text or social to let folks know they can join you––in the ToneStream!

Q: How long or frequently should I listen?
A: There are no “shoulds” with Solu ToneStream! You’re free set-and-save your favorite listening durations (use the “Timer” function, swipe right from the main screen, tap “Timer” up top) and also set a reminder to listen as frequently as you see fit.

And interesting thing about meditation…including Solu ToneStream sound meditation, is that benefits can be observed in just 1 minute (heard of "just count to 10 before reacting?", 3 minutes (like our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System hardware product) or longer sessions lasting 15, 30 or 60 minutes that bring increasing connection to self, lowered reactivity and a generally more peaceful way of being in the world. You’re free to choose how, when and for how long you engage with Solu ToneStream.

Q: I don’t like to have my bank or credit account debited monthly. Can I make a donation? And why are there 3 prices––$4.99 / mo., $1.99 / mo. or free. Is the $4.99 subscription better?

A: Thanks for suggesting a “donation” options. We’ll take that under consideration.

No matter what price you choose ($4.99 / mo., $1.99 / mo. or free / mo.) you’ll receive the same app (no limited time trial version, no ad-support version, no reduced feature version) with same powerful experience. Here’s why…

Our small team is on a mission of service to bring peace and healing to the world, through sound. It’s our honor to offer you Solu: ToneStream Meditation as an aid to personal exploration and true connection to self, and others.

It matters deeply to us that everyone who wants to experience ToneStream is able to receive the same healing benefits regardless of their financial situation. We know you’re the only one who knows what price will work in your life. Feel in, then choose the amount that feels right to you. Then start listening!

Thank you for considering joining this beautiful unity experience. :heart:

Q: How do I contact the Solu team if I need help?
A: It’s easy, just send an email to You can also post on this forum to get support from community members.

Q: What is this app all about?
A: Our Solu app for iPhone and Android connects you to our online ToneStream meditation service. There are no guided meditation voices, no instructions, no “gamification”––just pure tones that gently help you rediscover your True Self, at peace, in Unity with others.

Q: What is ToneStream?
A: ToneStream is a cloud-based, always-on, always-evolving, composed-in-the-moment stream of solu ’s New Origin Waveform meditation and sound healing recordings. These are channeled-performance recordings of solu founder Michael Joly playing specially-tuned, real instruments while in a “no-thought” state of mind. They carry embedded stillness and peace.

Q: Can I listen when I don’t have wifi or cellular connection to the Internet?
A. Not presently. This first version presents composed-in-the-moment tone sequences streamed live over the Internet. We have ideas about offline listening in the future, but first things first, lol.

Q: Why did you make ToneStream cloud-based?
A: We were called to make a unifying experience of peace––thousands of people can listen at the same time and have a shared sound healing experience. When you listen to Solu ToneStream you’re listening to the same peaceful, pure tone sequences as heard by listeners worldwide at that moment. The experience is somewhat like attending a meditation retreat with others and listening to a Dharma talk. But uniquely, Solu ToneStream is a wordless experience of Peace and Presence––free from the separation of subject / object dualism inherent in all language-based teachings.

Q: What’s the best way to listen?
A: For listening durations longer than 1 minute we recommend that you use good quality wired or bluetooth earbuds, headphones or speakers. For a listening duration under 1 minute you can listen on your phone’s speaker, but we recommended you turn the volume way down and hold the speaker right next to your ear. Solu: ToneStream has strong bass frequencies that would overdrive and distort your phone’s speaker if you try to listen at arm’s length with the volume raised. There’s a big thread at this forum called “How are you listening?” where people talk about this and I’ve posted reviews of some various listening devices.

Q: I need to get some good, affordable bluetooth speakers, any recommendations?
A: Yes! We like these for a number of reasons.

Q: How long should I listen?
A: For as long as you’d like, and as frequently as you’d like. You’ll quickly find out what is right for you. You can listen for 1 minute for a quick “pre-meeting” / anxiety-reduction reset; or you can listen for 3 minutes or so for a classic mini-meditation experience that is similar to our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System; or you can listen for longer durations like 15, 30, 45 minutes for body work or a Yoga session.

You can even leave Solu ToneStream playing in your domestic or work space for hours to clear the space energetically and promote harmonious relations. Try it many different ways, they’re all good!

Q: Can I listen with a remote friend?
A: Yes, just use the “Invite” feature in the “Settings” portion of the app to send an email or text to a loved one. They’ll get instructions how to download the app. Then the two of you can either set a reminder (in the Solu: ToneStream app) to listen at the same time, or you could just text them and ask for a quick “ToneTime” session on the spur of the moment.

Q: What are the tone frequencies?
Solu: ToneStream is based on the concept of Oneness, brought into sound. We use 1 cycle per second (1Hz) as a metaphor for Oneness, then by a combination of Octave multiplication (2:1 ratio) and Perfect Fifth transposition (3:2 ratio) we arrive at a system reference frequency of C-256 (which places A in that octave at 432 Hz).

The main frequencies used are: C-256, D-288, E-320, G-384, A-432 (a Pentatonic scale) with companion frequencies heard one octave lower. There is subtle use of other frequencies and tonal centers, but ToneStream is “just intonated” (Pythagorean), Key of C (mainly), A-432 system.

Q: Why do I hear pulsations?
A: These low frequency rate (2Hz to 8Hz) amplitude pulsations are brainwave entrainment signals that help the brain relax into open-monitoring meditative states where Delta, Theta and Alpha brainwaves predominate.

Q: Solu ToneStream can be life changing, says who?
A: You might enjoy reading some of the verified user reviews of our original n.o.w. Tone Therapy System (the foundation of Solu: ToneStream Meditation) where people say Solu’s Tones have changed their life for the better.

Q: How does Solu: ToneStream Meditation app differ from the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System?
A: n.o.w. Tone Therapy System is an easy to use (just press ON, and listen) hardware-based, “dual-asynchronous mono”, composed-in-the-moment, 3 minute tone meditation system that costs $179 retail. n.o.w. is mainly used as an “instant meditation access / awakening aid” device for single users (though it is also used by small groups as well).

The fixed, 3 minute duration is a brilliant bit of inspired thought for a lot of reasons we’ve written about, as is the extremely simple “just press on and listen” user interface.

On the other hand…Solu: ToneStream Meditation is a cloud-based audio streaming service, consisting of 3 asynchronous mono, composed-in-the-moment audio tracks with deeper, more centering bass, It is constantly being updated with new tone sequences and is delivered to simultaneous users worldwide via a two-channel stereo stream over the Internet.

This app is best experienced paired with high quality earbuds, headphones or speakers. (that means it’s not as simple-to-use as the hardware-based n.o.w. Tone Therapy System). The listening duration is user selectable, there are user settable reminders to listen, an “invite” feature and regular updates to our own little “Solu Sutras”––bits of text about Solu, silence, sound, consciousness and unity.

Solu ToneStream is available for $4.99 / mo., $1.99 / mo or free as you see fit. It matters deeply to us that everyone who wants to experience the ToneStream is able to receive the same healing benefits regardless of their financial situation. We know you’re the only one who knows what price will work in your life. Feel in, then choose the amount that feels right to you. Then start listening!

We know Solu: ToneStream Meditation and n.o.w. Tone Therapy System are complimentary, not competitive––each has their own unique role to play in bringing peace and healing through sound, to minds and hearts everywhere.

Q: Where can I go to learn more about the tones?
A: Here’s a forum topic I made on this subject.

Q: Can I use this app on my desktop computer?
A: Technically, the app is capable of running on desktop computers, and we’ve developed it to be easily adaptable to different environments. However, we have not developed official desktop releases yet. It is possible to run Android apps on desktop computers using an emulator. This requires some technical proficiency, but it is possible. We can add this to the roadmap for future releases!

You should be able to use the app on any iOS or Android tablet with an up-to-date operating system on it.

Most of those devices will provide some form of audio output that is hard-wired (headphone out). The device will need to be connected to the internet, and I suspect most of those will require wifi and/or cell signal. I’ve never used an ethernet adapter for a tablet or phone, but if you have one and it works, that’s great!

Additionally, if you have a Chromebook, you can download and run the Android app on that. A quick Google search showed me that there are several Ethernet (RJ-45) capable Chromebooks on the market.

Q: How did Solu: ToneStream Meditation come to be?
A. This app and streaming service is the result of the inspired thought, intuition and logical reduction to practice of the Solu founding team of Michael Joly, Alene Sibley and Ruane Sibley.

The founding team is expertly assisted by:
Jeff Milam (project manager and CFO),
Artur Kiulian (lead front end developer),
Serhiy Shkatulo (assisting front end developer),
Edgar LI and Tiffany Tang of Waverly Lab (UX / UI),
Milton Huang (software design of ToneStream composition engine and streaming service),
Ben Boye (early composition engine and streaming proof-of-concept) and
James DeRose (security and network IT).

Solu: ToneStream Meditation has been underwritten by Hear Now Systems, Inc. the parent of Solu, through ongoing revenue generated by our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System and the support of its users.

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