Exploring the Solu app Features––"Invite", "Reminder", "Timer", and "Learn"

"Invite" Feature–– Invite friends and family to use Solu ToneStream.

From the home screen of Solu, tap, or swipe the left-hand vertical dots to the right. On the screen that appears you’ll see the “Invite” feature at the top:

Tap the “Invite” icon to open a pop up. There’s a a few different ways you can share ToneStream with people you care about––Apple AirDrop, text, email, Slack, Twitter, Instagram (depends how your phone is set up).

"Reminder" Feature –– A place to set and store reminders to listen to Solu ToneStream. Reminders show up as short notifications on your device:

Here’s how to set up reminders…click the screen shot below, then click play on the video for quick video tour of the Reminder feature in the Solu app. Use this to set both time and day-specific reminders, or set a random time reminder to listen.


Timer Feature ––

Here’s a video tutorial about using the Timer feature in Solu ToneStream to set-and-save timed listening durations. This is useful if you’d like to preset a 10 minute meditation (or any duration), have Solu ToneStream play for 10 minutes then stop all by itself.

Click the screen shot below to go to the video, then click play on the video.


Learn Feature ––

The Solu ToneStream “Learn” page is a quick introduction for new users, and also provides regular news about Solu ToneStream. For example, we just launched and we have listeners in 32 countries! Thank you all!

The top of the page content will remain largely static––perennial. Then the news section will be updated weekly (if not more frequently) and below that is a quick FAQ that will evolve as the latest questions come in from y’all. Oh, you’ll notice I link out to further information like topics in our forum or to explainer videos.

Do check back at the “Learn” screen regularly!