Bluetooth Speakers / Earbuds / Headphones for Solu: ToneStream App

Listening on a new stereo pair of speakers that are very similar to our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System speakers:

Backstory––6 years ago when I started the R&D that led to n.o.w. Tone Therapy System I sourced many different speaker samples from Shenzhen manufacturers. I auditioned all of them, chose the two best speakers, and made the first of several trips to interview speaker manufacturers.

One company was the perfect match––small, female owned, great working conditions, willing to do OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) in small production runs. Great English language skills, the works. I’m still working with them today and they stood by us during pandemic shutdowns, logistic hurdles…

Once I found a great speaker I had this particular manufacturer re-design it to remove Bluetooth, line input jack, phone answering, track selection buttons, microphone bla bla bla. I asked them to re-design it to do one thing…play my n.o.w. (New Origin Waveforn) pure tone sequences and do so in a way that the results would be “composed-in-the-moment” and ONLY play for 3 minutes, then shut off. Today, n.o.w. Tone Therapy System is a runaway best seller (top 5 in our category on Amazon, “Amazon’s Choice” award, “Most Wished For”.

So what did I find last week? A pair of speakers using a less-expensive-to-manufacture, straight-sided steel case. In contrast, the n.o.w. speakers use a lovely, curved design that feels nicer in the hand, but is more expensive to produce. This new pair of speakers I found has all of the stock features––bluetooth, line input, phone answering plus a new, somewhat awkward STEREO PAIRING feature.

This is important because people who follow us closely are starting to ask us about our recommendations for a good pair of stereo bluetooth speakers. This is the pair to get!

The sound is exactly like our n.o.w. speaker. These speakers use the same high quality speaker drivers and amplifier technology I identified 6 years ago as being the best available. Just read the Amazon reviews of them. People say these things are as good as their Bose speakers (I actually prefer these speakers over the Bose I have because I don’t care for the Bose bass-heavy, dark top end timbre balance). These have a very nice bass-mid-treble balance, and…this speaker driver / amplifier combo is what I mixed the original Tone Therapy New Origin Waveform tones on!

Now, after all that gushing…n.o.w. Tone Therapy System still reigns supreme in a couple of important areas: 1.) easy of use and 2.) intentional 3 minute listening duration imposed upon the listener that makes it quick to use so that you’ll use it.

These “dual mono” speakers can be paired together, first, for stereo, then paired to your phone via bluetooth. This is a complicated, multistep process and one needs to read the instructions to accomplish. I could not do this twice in a row without reading the instructions. Maybe after three or 4 times I’ll remember the steps.

Oh, and of course, unless you put your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode, you are gonna get pinged, ring-toned and Slack-knocked interrupted to no end. That never happens with n.o.w. Tone Therapy System.

But…the benefits. Oh my! With Solu: ToneStream Meditation (the official name of the app) you can put Tone Therapy on your phone, have a Unity ToneStream experience with thousands of other listeners at the same time, whenever, almost wherever and, you asked for it…for however long you want to listen. Use your earbuds on the go and use these speakers at home. Stand back and watch your world change!

And here’s the Amazon link:

We’re not affiliated with this seller. We don’t make anything if you buy them. I just want you to have an experience that is very much like the n.o.w. Tone Therapy experience (down to being able to hold these speakers in your hands).

Listening to the Solu ToneStream on a wonderful $18 speaker from Amazon. Comes with a clamshell case. Nice bass response. Very low distortion. Very solid metal enclosure––no “plasticky” resonance. Has a carabiner ring. A winner. Guitar pick shown for scale.

I’m doing a series of tests with various active noise cancelation earbuds and headphones. First up is the $65.99 Soundcore by Anker Life A2 NC.

Quite a remarkable experience.

For a small city Tampa is actually very noisy as one is never far from a multi-lane highway with 24 hour traffic roar. And my party-town neighborhood of Ybor City has one thumping nightclub after another up and down the central length of 7th Ave. This set of earbuds takes all that loud traffic and bar music down by 50 dB or more and creates a quiet private space around the Solu ToneStream that’s lovely. All the better to feel the connection to others through the composed-in-the-moment tones streaming to lots of other listeners at the same time.

This would be an amazing combo for a subway or bus commuter––turn your commute into a portable sound bath meditation space. I don’t recommend this for driving as the noise cancellation is so broad and deep it would eliminate the car horns and sirens one needs to hear in order to operate a motor vehicle safely.

The Soundcore by Anker Life A2 NC is supported with an app that allows one to control the noise cancellation and has a “transparency” mode so you can elect to hear street sounds and voices and set the level of attenuation of background ambience.

They’re quite comfortable and stay in-ear well with a choice of ear tips and ear wings and the branding is discrete and minimal.

Solu ToneStream and active noise cancelation earbuds––first listen results? An experience that makes the world new and peaceful by reducing its chaotic noise and replacing it with correlated sound Truth. Use with the Solu timer feature, and with caution.

Oh, I should ad that this is a very different experience than my usual walking around town use of a bone conduction headset. The bone conduction headset leaves the ears open and there’s no noise cancellation of the city soundscape. The Tones, when heard this way feel as if they’re healing the noise of the world by applying a tonal salve to it that reclaims it, and reveals the obscured Divine that is always present. The active noise cancelation system on the other hand practically eliminates the noise. Both are remarkable experiences. Quite different. But both very effective at re-tuning the world.

Further testing of active noise reduction sets…

Sony MDRZX110NC Noise Cancelling Headphones, Black, $28––A wired set of over-the-ear phones with AAA battery. Noise reduction not very effective, not comfortable and depending where you come down on Bluetooth vs wired…does not have the wire-free elegance of Bluetooth. Definitely several generations out of date.

Srhythm NC25 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, $59.99.

Bluetooth (or wired, comes with an audio cable), rechargeable, super soft ear muffs with excellent swivel feature, powerful noise cancelation. A good choice for over-the-ear if you don’t mind wearing the “Srhythm” branding on the headband.

MURPISO Wireless Earbuds, Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth 5.2, $39.99

The active noise cancelation seems to be a button and voice announce only–– did not hear any difference in background noise with the ANC engaged or not. Not very comfortable and this style does not stay in the ear as well as the “ear wing” type like the Soundcore by Anker up above.

So there you have it––It’s possible to get either ear bud type, or over ear active noise cancellation headphones for under $70 that work well, are comfortable, versatile (the Anker ear-buds win the versatility game with its powerful companion app) and pair well with the Solu ToneStream app for “quiet zone” listening.

Crazy wonderful discovery––elegant, small, powerful, bone conduction speaker.

I just got two of these and they paired right up for stereo use with Solu: ToneStream. They’re great to put on your body, head, heart…you name it!

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I’m using the Facebook Portal Go to listen at the moment, sounds fab. Very portable, very convenient plus I get a picture show on the display.

It has a 20 watt subwoofer and 2 5 watt drivers.